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About Dr. Bach

Date: December 1st, 2010

To: Dr. Gregory P. Bach

From: E. Jack Najarian

Testimony: Getting the right diagnosis

I thought being seventy-five, I had just grown old with this disease they tagged on me called Parkinson's. I was slowly losing mobility and my condition looked like a lost cause.

At my son's wedding October 2, 2010, I ran into a special friend of my sons. Right awayhe asked me, "What has happened to you?" I told him and I was diagnosed with Parkinson's. He took one look at the back of my neck and said, "You have Lymes Disease, look at that rash!"  Being knowledgeable on the subject because of having Lymes Disease himself, he made the suggestion I contact Dr. Gregory Bach in Hamburg, PA.

My son called Dr. Bach, talked to him, and then made the appointment. Down the road we traveled from Binghamton, NY to Hamburg, PA, taking us three hours. He thoroughly examined me and without getting the test results back from my blood work he, "I am almost sure you have Lymes." Sure enough the blood tests came back positive and Dr. Bach started taking the steps in getting rid of the disease. I have shown progress in a very short time. God led me to Dr. Bach in a very strange way, but He got me here. I thank God and thank you Dr. Bach. 

E. Jack Najarian