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About Dr. Bach

It has been one year and 5 months since I began treatment with Dr. Bach. I am happy to say that I have overcome most of the effects of the illness. I have returned to work full-time, and I feel that I can do just about anything I could before I became ill in October 2010.

I have found Dr. Bach's treatments to be very effective, and my recovery has been consistent. Even now I continue to improve and I am confident my symptoms will eventually be gone completely. I have learned a lot about Lyme disease and I have had the opportunity to meet and share stories with other patients. Most of these patients have seen many other doctors for a long time before coming to Dr. Bach. I am certain that undiagnosed Lyme disease is a major problem in our medical community. Thank god we found Dr. Bach who is an expert at diagnosing and treating the disease. Two years ago I was debilitated, too ill to work, about to go on welfare. I could not even stand up without feeling pain. Now I have regained my health and I am looking forward to a bright, healthy future.

About a year ago is when I started to reverse the extensive damage the Lyme had done to me. My chiropractor, another very successfully recovered patient of Dr. Bach, started me on an exercise program even before I felt ready. I trained with weights and rode my bike several miles a day. I feel this steady exercise program has helped accelerate my recovery. But before the treatments from Dr. Bach, I could not even think about exercising, I would feel like I would pass out. I was too weak to get out of bed.

Now I have reached a point where I can go days without feeling any symptoms anymore. The most difficult area to improve was the weakness in my arms and legs. But eventually this went away after 16 months after I started with Dr. Bach. Late stage Lyme symptoms are not a syndrome. Dr. Bach treats the Lyme properly and it goes way with time.

I now have regained my full physical fitness and can do some amazing things considering where I was at. I now bike seriously with my chiropractor and we are riding over 50 miles a week with relative ease! Plus I lift weights also and work a busy full time job. I even have energy left over to work an occasional second job teaching guitar. I will always be thankful for Dr. Bach's service, I don't know what I would have done without his practice.