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About Dr. Bach

Dear Reader,

I have been on a painful and expensive journey for the past 3 1/2 years, and I need to share my story with you in hopes that I might help someone who is suffering like I was. My nightmare started in September of 2007. I could not even bear to sit because of excruciating pelvic pain. I would spend my days lying on a couch or in bed because standing or walking for any length of time was also too painful. My bottle of prescription pain killers never left my side. The pain was so overwhelming that I couldn't function; my husband began taking care of all the household responsibilities. This crushed me emotionally because I had always been the one to cook and take care of our home.

I first sought relief from my Gynecologist who immediately prescribed me a topical cream. After 3 to 4 months of applying creams that were all ineffective, she referred me to doctor specializing in pelvic pain management for women. I remained a patient of this doctor for 6 months, but did not experience relief from my pain. A family member informed of an Internist in New York City who was known for helping women with pelvic pain. This doctor treated me with high doses of Vitamin D, which I took for 5-6 months. My pain remained and I needed to again search for a doctor who could help me.

I went to a Woman's Health Center located in Philadelphia, Pa. The doctor who saw me there gave me localized injections of lidocaine, which provided relief for just a few hours. Afterwards, the pain increased. Another doctor that I sought help from was also a Gynecologist. It was under this doctor's care that I decided to undergo a nerve block procedure. Unfortunately, this procedure was not only excruciating to go through, but it also proved to be unsuccessful in surrounding the nerve area responsible for my pain.

My worst fear was coming true: NO ONE could help me! I wanted to end my life. Countless hours went by where all I could do was moan and cry from the pain. I couldn't· bear to lay on the couch or my bed any longer. I would literally lie on the floor and my husband would bring me my meals there. I felt worthless and had suicidal thoughts more and more. My husband refused to give up on finding the right doctor, but I had given up in every sense of the word.

We began traveling over an hour to see yet another Gynecologist. I remained a patient of this doctor for 5-6 months. Unfortunately again, this doctor's treatment plan did not rid me of my pain. It was during this time, however, that my son was diagnosed with Lyme disease. After hearing about what the possible symptoms are when Lyme disease goes undiagnosed, I decided to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gregory Paul Bach. It was in March of 2010 that Dr. Bach finally gave me an explanation for all my sufferings; I have Lyme disease. In the months since then it is because of Dr. Bach's treatments that I no longer need to take prescription pain killers to get through the day. I may still have some bad days, but with Dr. Bach's help I am able to sit and enjoy meals with my family again, and for that I am extremely grateful.

Sincerely, Antonetta Z.