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About Dr. Bach

Over 15 years ago I found a tick imbedded in my skin. The skin was red and inflamed with a white center. The word Lyme was not in our vocabulary. The rash went away and I thought nothing about it. My sight began to deteriorate, I had no energy, I became unsteady on my feet. I had slight unexplainable fevers. Had my thyroid checked several times, and, nothing was amiss. I told my doctor about the tick bite and he checked for Lyme. The test was negative. The symptoms got worse. I began to think I was dying of old age. I am 65 and my relatives seem to live to 86-104. Then my husband saw an article in the Lancaster farmer about Lyme. It listed all the symptoms I had been struggling with for years.

It took a while, but I was able to make an appointment with Dr. Bach, who specializes in Lyme. Dr, Bach did a thorough examination on me. Looking for any indicators of Lyme. There were several. Then blood was sent to a lab that is equipped to diagnose Lyme.

The tests were positive for Lyme. I began treating in July and in October, my eye doctor was surprised at how my sight had improved. I could walk without feeling unsteady. Little by little I started feeling overall like doing things. Taking walks, riding horses, playing with my grand children, working in the garden.

I would rate Dr. Bach an A+. He is thorough, and vigilant. I have recommended him to both my MD physician and Eye Doctor.